Saturday, April 2, 2011

bananaloupe :)

I'm still loving my green smoothies and trying a new recipe daily. The green smoothies are giving me energy, despite lack of sleep and helping the hubby get healthy in preparation for the Tough Mudder in June :) They are also changing the way the house looks. Apparently green smoothie lovers decorate with fresh fruit bowls....

Yes, thats three huge bowls full! Kinda also increased our monthly grocery trip by about a hundred bucks, but that is ok as long as it all gets eaten...or drank :)

My latest fave recipe has to be the Bananaloupe. Easy, Simple, Delish and most importantly, healthy! When I first decided to try it I loved that it was short with few ingredients. All I had on hand or could get easily. I loathe recipe with odd hard to find ingredients so this one was great....and then I remembered my fear of cantaloupes. As a child I loved cantaloupes but then as an adult I found them intimidating. How do u pick a good one? I tried a couple of things and got bad results more than once. I even tried buying only local grown cantaloupes figuring I could not go wrong...but still couldn't get it right. To make matters worse, in Arizona I frequently bought a cantaloupe that turned out to be a honeydew on the inside? now that is scary!apparently it can happen both ways either on accident or on purpose?... I have finally figured out how to get a good cantaloupe after watching a few vintage ladies that seemed to know what they were doing.

1. even colored skin....i chose the cantaloupe colored skin a few times but really you just want an even toned melon, bright blotches mean its not ready.

2. tap on it, it should sound hollow....i watched alot of them do this so I'm sure :)

So after careful selection I got three, brought them home and went to work!


3 Bananas
1/4 cantaloupe
2 cups spinach
a lil water if u need it, and a lil flax if u r brave :)

Thats how much the recipe makes.....

The smoothie is super sweet! cant taste the greens or the flax at all. One thing I have been learning along my green smoothie journey is that yellow/orange fruits make sweet smoothies.....berries/apples can make things slightly bitter and often brown toned...still great tho! This recipe is def a keeper :)

my new friend the Vitamix wanted to pose for some shots...he is such a diva! but I love that I can now make enough smoothie for the whole fam in one batch!