Saturday, January 29, 2011

how do you do it? cloth diapering 102

I get this question almost everyday in regards to various things. And really, i rarely have an answer. Mostly that is because I alone could not do it. God helps out alot! He can make pregnancy woes dissappear, he can make 5 kids spend an hour playing quietly in the playroom, he can make an extra hour in my day to go to the gym. Sometimes he just makes things happen and sometimes he provide for our family in more practical ways.

One way I do it is with cloth diapering. I bought a few cloth diapers for baby num 2 and 3 but never really figured it out. Baby number 4 (Pearce now 3yrs) was my first fully cloth diapered child. 3 years ago I purchased my first full set of cloth diapers. While I have purchased a few diapers here and there because they were cute, It has been three years since ive NEEDED to buy a diaper. baby num 5 was completely diapered in the same set. And now that we have announced the arrival of baby num 6 this sept I realize what a true blessing cloth diapering has been. I originally got started for around a hundred dollars. So one hundred dollars to diaper 3 babies is pretty AMAZING!

I wrote a blog post awhile back entitled cloth diapering 101. so we'll call this one cloth diapering 102 :) Before I blogged about prefold, kind of the original "modern" cloth diaper. very close to the old school flat dipe. The cheapest for sure, but not the easiest and can def get pretty tough with a combative toddler. Another great option are pocket diapers. there are many great brands, fuzzi bunz, rumparooz, bumgenius, snap-ez and flip. there are most def a few more but those are my favorites. Pocket diapers are easier to work with than prefolds. they consist of a diaper with a waterproof outer layer, and a water wicking inner layer that helps baby feel dry. They also come with 1 or two inserts (think washable maxi pad).
      here is a fuzzi bunz on the left and a  snap-ez fleece pocket on the right ( these are one of the few pockets that does need a cover)
There are some great things about pockets :)

1. the insert comes out and this makes them easier to get clean, and easier to get dry!

2. if they are prestuffed, they are as easy as a disposeable diaper for dads, babysitters and church nurseries.

3. you dont have to use their insert, you can stuff them with prefolds, microfiber rags, pretty much anything absorbant you have on hand. and the best part is, you can double or triple stuff them making them, imo, the best cloth diaper for over night!

smaller for a little one
snapped open for a big kid 
4. many pockets have the "grow with me" option. this means these diapers can snap down small for newborns or unsnap big enough for a toddler. sounds crazy but trust me, ive tried it, it def works. these might cost a couple dollars more but they are well worth it considering longevity. (see above pics)

5. even pocket diapers without the grow with me snaps, still have alot of adjustablility making 1 diaper fit for a very long time. for example, pike was fifteen lbs when i moved him to a size med fuzzi bunz. he is twenty five lbs today and this same diaper still fits great. (notice action pic of pike, and orange fuzzi bunz above)

6. CUTE FACTOR , pocket dipes are reallly the cutest because they come in tons of prints and colors and you dont have to wear a cover and hide them.      

this is one of my fave sites to buy pockets. mostly because she allways carries something pretty :) and it is a super smart mama who knows and uses her own inventory. if you need help deciding or washing give her a call and she is allways glad to help! i love that :)

here are some more sites to help u out:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

spillin the beans

First I'd like to thank all of our wonderful friends and family for being so supportive and welcoming the announcement. It is amazing to know that when our sixth child is born he or she will be loved and cherished. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response and couldn't ask for more. Sure there were a small number of negatives but very few and easy to brush off. Just in case you are still holding your we don't know what causes it and no there are no immediate plans to fix anything that isn't broken. lol

Many mamas who responded asked how far along I was ( a few weeks, not totally sure) and why I chose to announce so early. Amongst pregnant women its pretty commonplace to wait until you are a couple months into the pregnancy to tell the world, but we chose to announce pretty quickly and I have a few reasons. Many families are concerned about miscarriage and those often happen in the first few weeks so it makes sense to keep mum.

1. I cant keep a secret.

well not an exciting one anyway lol. deep inside, though i expected a few rude comments, I knew a baby is a blessing and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. I knew there were many people who would love our baby and love to know about our growing secret. Even though this will be our sixth baby, it is still really exciting to share. If you thought it might get old , think again. Just like every first time mom, I'm wondering what color hair the baby will have, talking baby names, and promising to eat better. Pregnancy is never boring, even when it has become commonplace in your household :)

2. The possibility of loss (yes i know, this is the big reason most people don't tell)

For me, I spill the beans. I already love this baby though it was an unplanned pregnancy. this is already a member of my family and a sibling to my children and a piece of my heart. In the event that I lose this baby it will be all of these same supportive people  both online and in person, whom i will turn to for support and comfort.

Somewhere in between my fourth and fifth child, we had a loss. I was fifteen weeks pregnant, and nobody knew. I cried, I went to the hospital, I slept, I was sad, it was very very hard. I did share my loss with a few close friends, but truth be told that took me days. I had to both announce a pregnancy and explain my sorrow. By the time i could speak of the pregnancy the worst was over. I no longer needed help with the other children, or meals, or a phone call or visit just to check on me (well maybe we all need those all the time :). So , for me, the choice to tell is a simple one. More people praying for the safety and health of our new blessing and more people there for me in the event that I need them.

I am sure this is not a choice for everyone. There is a disappointment factor and everyone handles grief and excitement in their own way. I would never propose to know the BEST way to do anything, but for me this is what works and I have my reasons.

When it comes to telling the siblings, they know almost as soon as we do. For the same reasons of course. I am not one of those parents who thinks me and my kids are best buddies however our family is a team. Its hard to keep a secret like that from your loved ones, especially the very ones who are probably the most excited. We let the kiddos know pretty quickly, and if we were to lose the baby it will be ok for them to cry with me, and ask me questions, and learn how fragile life can be. In most cases we will have a wonderful healthy pregnancy, and the kids will understand why I might be sick, or why i ate the entire box of fruit snacks. For us it just seems to fit when everyone is in the know.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what moms of many wont tell you

Ive recently realized that there are a couple of things moms of many keep to themselves. Recently a few of my mama friends have announced their fifth and sixth pregnancies. Some of these were (gasp) planned! and some were not but all will be well loved and wanted. Either way the mamas were happy to receive the blessing of becoming a mother yet again. Sadly, each and every mama was met with judgemental statements, negative comments and the occasional disgusted snicker. Each and every mama ignored these and continues on with her joy, but there is most definitely a little chip on her heart.

First and foremost, each and every baby is a blessing. Each and every child was perfectly placed within their chosen family by the hand of God himself. A fourth or fifth baby is no less worthy of a welcome than a first, no less important, and no less loved. Just ask anyone who is themselves a fourth, fifth, or tenth child :)

The vast majority of big families aren't in fact ignorant of birth control. Yes , they know what causes it just in case you were thinking of being that one hundredth person to ask lol. Most have made a religious decision to accept God's blessings, are medically or morally opposed to many common birth control methods, or simply have the resources to care for a large family and choose to do so because they love it....or any combo of the above.

Big families aren't the norm and probably wont ever be. Its a totally different lifestyle, and if you haven't chosen it as yours, that's ok too. Different strokes for different folks.

A dear friend of mine once told me that to criticize someones family size is one of the most insulting things anyone can do. I found that statement a little silly. I had three children at the time....little did I know I would one day know all to well how it feels.

I have watched many big families hide a pregnancy to avoid the comments. I have shed tears with mamas over hurt feelings. I have even wasted moments of our busy lives coming up with comments to combat the hurt when all I wanted was to share my joy.

In the end, all I ask is that we all respect each others family size, be that 1 or 15. I believe children are miracles and no child joins any family without Gods approval first :) please don't try and tell him he was wrong.  Instead, say congrats, wish them a happy healthy nine months and share a smile for sure!

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate. Psalm 127:3-5

and on that note we announce another blessing joining our family this Sept....P6 is on the way :) we are nervous and excited and sincerely  hope you can share in our joy !